Capturing the many different aspects of car design that go into overall performance is not easy. So much of how a car is built, what kind of engine it uses, and much more all affect its feeling on the road. But understanding performance and how to predict the kind of performance you will get with different makes and models will go a long way to assist you in searching for a new purchase. Continue reading to learn more details about performance.

The acceleration, handling, fuel efficiency, brake response, and sightlines all play roles in your experience as a driver or a rider in a vehicle. The most important thing to know is that the best performance for one given vehicle might be inappropriate for another. SUVs need big, heavy engines to get them moving, but those engines would be too large and inefficient for a car. Likewise, the tight turning of a car might feel shaky or unstable for a truck. But a good engine and good handling will always feel comfortable and smooth in the right vehicle. That is how you can tell that the designers have a good match between the vehicle's size and shape and its performance characteristics-- nothing should feel awkward or rough.

As a luxury brand, Lincoln models have better performance than most. They tend to come with powerful engines that still feel refined and smooth rather than heavy. You can get great acceleration without feeling a big kick or a choppy shift as you increase the speed. Lincoln models have an unmistakable feel that sets them apart from other cars in a striking way.

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