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A 2023 Lincoln Nautilus® SUV being driven down a scenic road

At our Lincoln dealership in Miami, we see every day how shoppers are won over by the new Lincoln SUVs on our lot. What's converting discerning buyers into Florida Lincoln fans? Simple: every model to wear the Lincoln Star has outshined its rivals on nearly every front, from technical specifications to craftsmanship and quality.

One brand in particular that has been handily outperformed by Lincoln is Lexus. Longtime luxury buyers know that Lexus is no second-rate manufacturer, but even a formidable competitor such as this can't keep up with the standards being set by Lincoln. It doesn't matter whether you choose to compare the Corsair vs. NX or Navigator vs. LX -- in every matchup outlined below, the Lincoln comes out on top.

Interior shot of a 2023 Lincoln Corsair
Side profile of a 2023 Lincoln Corsair in action
Front view of a 2023 Lincoln Corsair in action

2023 Lincoln Corsair Comparison

The 2023 Lincoln Corsair immediately takes the lead in this head-to-head against the Lexus NX with its standard 13.2-inch touchscreen. Comparing the high-resolution, intuitive interface of this system to the 9.8-inch unit found in the NX, it’s easy to see the winner.

The Corsair pulls even further ahead of the NX in this comparison by including convenient features like a power liftgate at no extra cost. And then there's the ActiveGlide™ 1.2, which is a hands-free driving assist feature that you'll only find available in the Corsair. Technologies like this explain why locals would rather buy a Corsair in Miami than anything else.

2023 Lincoln Corsair

  • Power Liftgate: Standard
  • Standard touchscreen Size (in.): 13.2
  • Hands-Free Driving Capability: Available

2023 Lexus NX

  • Power Liftgate: Available
  • Standard touchscreen Size (in.): 9.8
  • Hands-Free Driving Capability: N/A

2023 Lincoln Nautilus Comparison

The 2023 Lincoln Nautilus intends to be at the top of the pecking order among midsized luxury SUVs, which is one of the hottest -- and most competitive -- segments in the car market. The way the Nautilus effortlessly outshines the RX is proof that it is indeed the king of this hill.

How does the Nautilus outclass the Lexus? For starters, it offers an available 2.7-liter turbocharged V6 making 335 horsepower that has no peer in the RX lineup. The only optional RX engine is a four-cylinder, which will feel especially underpowered if you sample it after taking a Nautilus test-drive. In the cabin, the Nautilus touchscreen showcases the technological superiority of the Lincoln.

Interior shot of a 2023 Lincoln Nautilus
Side profile of a 2023 Lincoln Nautilus in action
Front view of a 2023 Lincoln Nautilus in action

2023 Lincoln Nautilus

  • Available Engine: 2.7-liter Twin Turbo V6
  • Maximum HP: 335
  • Standard Touchscreen Size (in.): 13.2

2023 Lexus RX

  • Available Engine: 2.5-liter Hybrid I4
  • Maximum HP: 275
  • Standard Touchscreen Size (in.): 9.8
Interior shot of a 2023 Lincoln Navigator
Side profile of a 2023 Lincoln Navigator in action
Front view of a 2023 Lincoln Navigator in action

2023 Lincoln Navigator Comparison

The largest Lincoln SUV for sale in Miami -- and one of the biggest SUVs on the market in general -- is the inimitable 2023 Lincoln Navigator. The generous Navigator dimensions allow the Navigator interior to boast incredible stretch-out space for all three rows of seats, with even third-row passengers enjoying up to 40.9 inches of legroom. The Lexus LX? It only offers 31.1 inches of third-row legroom.

The Navigator cargo capacity also drastically out-measures the LX, especially if you buy a long-wheelbase Navigator L in Miami. For drivers who need space and luxury in equal measure, only a Navigator will do.

2023 Lincoln Navigator

  • Long-Wheelbase Variant: Available
  • Maximum 3rd Row Legroom (in.): 40.9
  • Maximum Cargo Capacity (cu. ft.): 120.2

2023 Lexus LX

  • Long-Wheelbase Variant: N/A
  • Maximum 3rd Row Legroom (in.): 31.1
  • Maximum Cargo Capacity (cu. ft.): 71

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