Luxurious Lincoln Brand Vehicles to Consider

Are you looking for a top of the line Lincoln brand? Come to Lincoln Cutler Bay and experience the latest Lincoln cars & SUVs.  As one of Fords leading automakers, Lincoln consistently produces high-class personal cars with new V12 engines. Some of its latest brands have started to boldly take over the Hialeah! Each model comes with its unique specifications, For example: one of the similarities across all the models is the turbocharged eco-boosted engines. Below is an overview of even more of the specific features on the latest Lincoln models at Lincoln Cutler Bay.

2021 Lincoln Navigator

The Black-Label Luxury Lincoln Navigator is yet another sleek model of Ford's division, Lincoln. The model remains to be one of the largest and grandest SUVs. The 2021 Lincoln Navigator has a refined leather interior and high-quality chrome exhaust systems. The model exhibits 450 horsepower. 2021 Lincoln Navigator is also considered a very spacious model with seating for up to eight.

2021 Lincoln Nautilus

The 2021 Lincoln Nautilus is one of the few SUVs left. The model is mid-size, with a capacity to accommodate five passengers. The Lincoln Nautilus is the 2nd generation Lincoln MKX with a restyled exterior. However, the model also has some minor interior revisions, such as a new dashboard design and front-end styling. The model also has a smooth acceleration from its V6 turbo. The new exterior and interior color schemes are also one of the latest upgrades the model has.

2020 Lincoln Aviator

The 2020 Lincoln Aviator model came in to replace the 2019 Lincoln MKT. Just as the Lincoln MKT, the Lincoln Aviator is a very comfortable and spacious model. The model has a top-speed HQ. It also comes with a 3.0- liter V-6 engine. Thus, the model exhibits 400 horsepower and a 415 pound-feet of torque. The two specifications make a model great for a cruise around town.

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